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07:32am 24/09/2014
  *listens to the crickets*


I forgot about this thing entirely until just now heh

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08:42am 15/11/2010
  ups n downs, ups n downs.

music is going great under the new name Technodrone. Looking for work to no avail. Lex n I split a few months ago. my DJing has been picking up a lot. not all scene specific but close enough. new ink in a week or two bc I am bartering DJing for ink. Got about 30 pages done on my book, so now it's standing at 93. No set bar on pages, just what feels right. Also began work on another which may be a joint effort. It's some of my memoirs to date and antics, combined with someone elses. We have both lived interesting lives and want t get our stories out. Childhood, professional, music, etc. Gunna do it split story style. One chapter is X and X story, next is X. And so on. If it wernt for SORP Films I'd wanna call it "Stories of Industrial Retards" heh

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12:03pm 24/07/2010
  Tonight, ZinForge is playing at Chasers to benefit ChildHelp.org along with Bella Lune and Alacrity! DJ Dark Mark will keep you moving between acts. This is also a CD Release party for both Bella Lune and Alacrity's new albums. Silent auction with signed merch from Regenerator, Collide and more! Steam Synthetic willl be onhand doing professional phorography for you too! This is one of the must see shows of the year, see you tonight!

Chasers Nightclub
8005 E. Roosevelt St.
Scottsdale, AZ

Doors at 9, $10 donation

We go on early so be sure and be there to see us rock it for a great cause!!

See you guys tonight!

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09:02pm 19/07/2010
  Just so you guys know you can check out and listen to my music at ZinForge.com

It forwards to the Facebook page for now while the sites under construction, so be sure and add us there!

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11:28am 10/07/2010
  In retrospect, I made my last post friends only. I'd rather not have something of that nature being totally public. I know privacy is an iffy thing nowadays on sites like these, but I figure it's less public that way if anything.  

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04:31am 20/06/2010
  the other night, Henry Rollins told a story about a guy he knew when he was younger he remembers only as Mulberry. He came out as was fucked with so hard, he tried to off himself. People, we need to stop this shit. If I don't like someone I ignore em. do the same. This hatred and prejudice has to go. We as a people are too cool for this and have the potential for so much more. It's not just homophobia but racial nequality as well. I am engaged to Alexis who is black. I was deeply involved with a girl Jen when I was enlisted who is hispanic. I have gotten a lot of shit for both and it needs to stop. We are one race, human. Fuck gender, race, sexual taste, etc... we are all human and it needs to stop. It needed to stop in 1863 when Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclaimation, it needed to stop in 1964 when the Civil Rights act was signed, and it needed to stop when Brandon Teena (as s/he wanted to be called) was raped and killed. It should NOT have taken over 10 years for the Matthew Sheppard Act to be signed. If you don't like peoplle's choices, ignore them. They arent going to destroy your existance because they prefer to dress up as a goat and parade down the road.

Get. Over. It.

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04:07pm 19/06/2010
  Last night was the best night of my life. Jay, Brandon, Tim, and I went to Flagstaff to see Henry Rollins speak.

It was three of the best hours I have EVER experienced. Front fucking row to boot... if that wasn't enough I GOT TO FUCKING MEET ROLLINS. I didn't go uber fan boy as he was mobbed, but I got an autograph, a picture, and got to talk to him for a couple minutes. Thank you Jay, Brandon, and Tim for sharing in the experience with me.


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03:01pm 17/06/2010

one of my dreams will come true. Henry fucking Rollins in Flagstaff!

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02:03pm 13/06/2010
  Just got home... an amazing night. We rocked the hell out of Stray Cat and had a blast doing so. So much love for those who came out. More love for Jay for helping me to experience it like the brother he is. Those who didnt... we will see you when we open for Bella Lune ;) then an after "party" with Sarah , Mike, and Nate thanks to Daniel for having us over and offering us dranx!

... much silliness and Metalocalypse were had! I am still riding the high. Thanks EVERYONE for a night I will truely treasure.

the only thing missing from this entire crazy and intoxicating (no pun intended) night was having Alexis at my side... soon enough she will be for all time though =D

and again thanks for EVERYONE who shared in this with Jay and I

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08:25pm 10/06/2010
  I finally posted new music up...??

That's right! A total of three new tracks have been added for you to rock yourself out to!

Be sure and check them out at http://www.myspace.com/zinforge


Be sure and come out THIS WEEKEND as we return to the stage and check them out in person at Stray Cat on Sat!

Spread the word and see you guys out!

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02:51am 09/06/2010
  ZinForge updates!

It's been a while, but ZinForge has been busybusybusy!


Come have a S*traynge night with E.M.P and ZinForge, at Stray Cat in Tempe!
2433 E. University Dr

Also a Dragshow by Unstablle Abel and his Queens.

DJs $&M, Squalor, Haaschen, and special guest DJ 5arah bringing EBM, Industrial, Noise, Dub Step and whatever you want!

Doors at 8
75 cent u call its 8pm-9pm
3.50 pints till midnight! (wide selection)
Kitchen open late!

21+, 7 bucks at the door. Wear purple in memory of Violet and get a discount!


July 24th we are playing with Alacritiy from LA, and Bella Lune! This is a benefit show for ChildHelp.org and more details and flyer will be coming soon!


New material is being pumped out and the new album should be ready soonish.

Finally, be sure and check us out on Facebook!!!


Take care and see you guys Sat! Spread the word!!

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02:02am 01/05/2010
  Dear Clement Okon,

I am honored that you want me to help you with your situation, but I can't. But being as you feel I am trustworthy, and we have a good standing now, maybe you can help me with my situations.

You see, I am engaged and looking for work at the same time. You guys there in the regime seem to have a good bead on things maybe you can help us out? Give us some marital advice or such. Also, I was wondering... where should I move my investments?

I don’t want to move them as they are gaining but it seems to me you are of strong financial mind and could help me exponentially improve my worth.

Hit me back nuggah!
Brian Forge

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05:39am 10/04/2010
  For those who didnt know, I am now marrying Alexis. she is my heart, my soul, my world. She means everything to me. Fall wedding next year.... And GODS I cant wait  

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05:32am 10/04/2010
  Alexis Adrian Satterthwaite
Alexis Adrian Satterthwaite
Alexis Adrian Satterthwaite
Alexis Adrian Satterthwaite
Alexis Adrian Satterthwaite
Alexis Adrian Satterthwaite

god that sounds amazing...

finally you know my real last name :p

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01:33am 17/03/2010

seasons change and illusions fade
progressive dreams
when I'm awake stars collide
and intertwine
inferior lights drift away
it doesn't matter
like glowing embers in the sky
I rise


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08:46pm 16/03/2010
  Because I keep getting asked: No, I will not be at Flogging Molly tomorrow. I have been wanting to see them for 10 years now, yes. However I feel it's in my best interest to avoid the show for a number of reasons. Besides, there's always next year?  

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01:52pm 05/03/2010
  So to help cllear my mind and such, I decided to take a little trip and have been in Calli since weds. Stayed and checked out Redlands and got in to LA last night. Checked in to the Ritz Milner (great hotel, and inexpensive for being in the heart of downtown) Hit The Edison which was an amazing experience and then trekked over to Club Perversion wheere I danced my ass off. Tonight going to wander LA a bit, hit the beach so I can sit by the ocean(it's always centered me and made me feel better about things), and then tonight going to see God Module at Das Bunker with some friends. It's gunna be a great day, sports fans!  

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09:10pm 28/02/2010
  previous entry deleted. kind of useless at this point.

clarification was made, and lindsay is in fact leaving me and we are done

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06:09am 28/02/2010
  I think I want to get out of town for a few days... suggestions?

Anyone wanna road trip? anyone In other cities willing to cope w me for a few days?

I am open to ideas

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04:29am 27/01/2010
  ugh cant sleep so I am shopping for el cheapo cars. All I find are dealerships and non running cars. Anyone know of a car for under 2k? solid running doesnt need to be fancy.  

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