Egrof (forge) wrote,

the other night, Henry Rollins told a story about a guy he knew when he was younger he remembers only as Mulberry. He came out as was fucked with so hard, he tried to off himself. People, we need to stop this shit. If I don't like someone I ignore em. do the same. This hatred and prejudice has to go. We as a people are too cool for this and have the potential for so much more. It's not just homophobia but racial nequality as well. I am engaged to Alexis who is black. I was deeply involved with a girl Jen when I was enlisted who is hispanic. I have gotten a lot of shit for both and it needs to stop. We are one race, human. Fuck gender, race, sexual taste, etc... we are all human and it needs to stop. It needed to stop in 1863 when Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclaimation, it needed to stop in 1964 when the Civil Rights act was signed, and it needed to stop when Brandon Teena (as s/he wanted to be called) was raped and killed. It should NOT have taken over 10 years for the Matthew Sheppard Act to be signed. If you don't like peoplle's choices, ignore them. They arent going to destroy your existance because they prefer to dress up as a goat and parade down the road.

Get. Over. It.
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Well said, sir.
nicely written, you should see if you could give talks in the middle schools...whenever I sub, I always overhear kids talking about who's racist and who isn't..they come right out and ask me sometimes and i usually look all perplexed and confused because i have no idea what that would even feel like to be, yet if I say a quick, "no i am not" then that leaves me open for questioning too. i walk into a room and see a bunch of 13 year olds and nothing more, but they are breaking everyone down trying to build up identity and a sense of self. not being there full time, i don't really know what "racist" means to them, it could just be a grouping thing, but either way, if you want to stop something from perpetuating in the culture, go after the youth and find out what it means to them and make sure it is something positive or something to be erased